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Since SBGC opened in 1975, we have had athletes in all levels of competition, from local meets through the National Championships. We are a gym that prides itself not only on having great gymnasts, but also well-rounded kids. We are focused on giving all gymnasts a chance to be
their best. We offer both Junior Olympic (JO) and Xcel competitive gymnastics programs.

USAG Developmental (DP) gymnastics is the more traditional approach to competitive gymnastics, including levels 1-10. Our gymnasts start attending competitions when they are in level 3. The Developmental program offers structure and a more rigorous approach to competitive gymnastics, including a larger time commitment. By focusing on developing a strong foundation of skills, each gymnast is able to progress at their own pace and master their skills on each event before progressing to the next level.

USAG Xcel is an alternative gymnastics program that offers six levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Sapphire. The requirements for each of these levels is more flexible, allowing gymnasts to have more freedom in which skills they compete and choose ones to showcase their strengths. There is also a more flexible practice schedule, allowing gymnasts to participate in other extracurricular activities and sports. In Xcel, gymnasts are still able to progress through levels even if they are stronger on one event than another.

At SBGC, we also offer PreTeam classes which allow gymnasts to build their foundational knowledge and skills, while getting a sense of the type of instruction and curriculum that can be expected from joining a competitive team. Our PreTeam classes focus on USAG Developmental levels 1 and 2. This is a space for younger gymnasts to build their strength and confidence, both in their gymnastics and their behavior. These levels do not compete but they do participate in our in-house showcase, where they get exposure to performing routines for their families in a low-pressure environment.

No matter which program a gymnast goes into, we focus on their growth both as an athlete and a person, with our mission to build well-rounded children who enjoy moving their bodies and learning new things!

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