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Gymnastics is a great sport to learn all kinds of healthy movement. We love to have all the children flipping, twisting, and jumping to their hearts delight but realize this class might be a child’s first experience in the world of “sport”. We make it fun and challenging. Our curriculum teaches your child gymnastics skills and simple tricks on our “kid friendly” equipment designed to make learning fun and safe. The physical goals are to prepare the students for any program they later choose by teaching the healthy fundamentals, body positions, coordination, body control, balance, safe falling, and training for more difficult skills once all the basics have been mastered. They have practice on all the gymnastics apparatuses and even learn some cheer and dance. The students develop emotionally; camaraderie, work ethic, focus, and also have fun! It’s important to note that we are not just competitive based and care about the longevity of our athletes over their success in the competition arena. However we do have programs for excel and USAG if they choose to compete. 

Why Gymnastics?

Gymnastics greatly benefits physical strength: the astonishing power, balance beyond compare, injury prevention, as well as agility and grace. 

Gymnastics also benefits the mind: the confidence, the perseverance, the poise, the attention to detail and concentration. 

What to Wear

Preferred class attire is a leotard, leotard and shorts, or a shirt tucked into shorts.  Hair needs to be securely tied back away from the face, with loose ends held in place by "clippies".  For the safety of both the class and the instructors, no jewelry is permitted in class.

Schedule of Classes:


Competitive Team Gymnastics:

  • Monday through Friday 4:00 - 6:00 PM

Pre-Team Gymnastics

  • Monday through Thursday 4:00-6:00PM


Recreational Gymnastics:

To see our schedule of classes, please create

an account with us under the "Sign-Up" tab. 

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