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Sam in Competition

Trampoline and Tumbling Team


Since SBGC opened in 1975, we have had athletes in all levels of competition, from local meets through the National Championships.  We are a gym that prides itself not only on having great gymnasts, but also well-rounded kids.  We are focused on giving all gymnasts a chance to be their best.  While many gyms will hold their kids back just to possibly win, we choose to have our kids at levels where they can perform well, but still be challenged.  We not only want to have our gymnasts be successful, but also to like what they are doing and to be excited about coming to the gym and learning new skills.  While we do practice fewer hours than many of the gyms against which we compete, we still are quite successful.  By requiring fewer practice hours, we have athletes who are able to be involved not only with gymnastics, but also with other activities and family functions that they enjoy.  They also have down time to just be kids.  With fewer training hours, we also find the kids have fewer overuse injuries and stay in the sport longer.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Trampoline Has Benefits Found Nowhere Else In Sports!

Trampoline is FUN and enhances children's fitness faster than perhaps any other activity. But the benefits go beyond that: 


  • There is no better activity than trampoline to train spatial awareness, a critical skill in all sports. Additionally, spatial awareness is considered one of the "eight intelligences" and has been linked to enhanced cognitive development.

  • The inherent FUN of trampoline disguises the amount of energy being expended! Unlike so many children's activities, when on trampoline, children eagerly sustain an activity level that leads to genuine fitness, including: cardiovascular health; leg and core strength; calorie burning and weight loss. 

  • At the bottom of every bounce, gravity is 2-5x body weight. This compresses every cell in the body, helping the lymph and other circulatory systems eliminate toxins from the body.


  • Trampoline also helps the vestibular system; optical tracking and peripheral vision; fear management; concentration and attention to detail; and so much more.

Trampoline Competition
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