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The SBGC staff has been carefully selected on the basis of their knowledge of the sport and expertise in their field.  Most important, however, is their personal integrity and love for children, since at SBGC we want our staff to be good role models for the kids we teach.  Add to that a high level of energy and a positive approach to correction and instruction, and you have the SBGC coach.  


All of our team coaches are USA Gymnastics professional members, which requires safety certification, a background check, and continuing education.  Our staff also receives ongoing training in the gym to maintain the best, most current teaching techniques possible.  Many of our staff are also Red Cross or American Heart Association CPR/First Aid trained.  At SBGC, we want to provide your child with the safest possible training, and one way we can implement this is to provide the best possible coaching staff. 

Our staff members have years of coaching experience.  We are proud that, among our staff members, we have nationally ranked USAG gymnastics and T&T judges.  The added knowledge and training they have received as judges helps our athletes train correctly from the very beginning levels, all the way through our competitive teams.  


Most of our staff were competitive gymnasts themselves, several through the college and elite levels.  This background in our sport allows them to have insights on how to teach skills, since they performed many of those same skills themselves.  Their communication skills facilitate their explanations.  And their love of working with children, and the sport they teach, qualify them to join our exemplary staff!


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