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Parents' Night Out - PNO

Our mission is to create healthy communities. We believe having a life full of balanced experiences supports us feeling prosperous. Parents we want to provide you an opportunity to take that much needed care of yourself or invest in other experiences that would feel enriching. For the kiddos we are helping them gain confidence in the use of their own bodies, create meaningful relationships, and navigate independence in a structured environment. PNO is available to any member of our community- membership not required. 

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PNO is great for communities to come together. PNO is not intended for teaching children skills. Staff is available for safety purposes but classes or private lessons are better suited to aspiring athletes. 

Here's what to expect with PNO:
A 3 hour open gym with pizza provided! The kiddos start off on an obstacle course or with games. Once everyone is checked in, they sit down to listen to our open gym rules. The children are then open to use the gym space (unless something is closed for safety/repair). Staff are spread out through out the gym space to ensure rules are followed and to assist children.



PNO is every Saturday (minus holidays or other special events) from 5-8 PM. Kids eat around 6/6:30 PM, unless otherwise communicated. 


Our open gym rules are as follows:

- Zero Tolerance Policy for: bullying, harassment, or violence

- We share our turns on the equipment

-One at a time on trampoline

-No going under the trampoline

-No toys, blocks, balls, etc. on trampoline

-No forts

-One at a time in bathroom

-Turn off water and lights and leave door open when leaving bathroom

-Do not climb fence

-No throwing blocks, balls, etc. at head level or aimlessly throughout gym

-No sitting on trampoline end deck

-No jumping from trampoline to floor

-No going on high bar/high beam (unless given coach approval)

-No socks on bars/beams

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