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Open Gym

Kids Open Gym (for youth under age 17) & Adult Open Gym (for adults over 18) are designed for those who want to learn or practice their skills and can do so without coach guidance and a minimum of structured supervision.

Participants will be allowed to direct the content of their own workout. While there will be staff on the floor, they will be there for supervision, not instruction..

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Gym Rules

  • Always respect coaches directions

  • One person at a time on trampolines

  • Do not go outside without permission

  • Ask first before touching equipment

  • Only go one direction on tumbl trak

  • Always have landing mats

  • Do not go under trampolines/equipment

  • Share equipment

With Responsibility, Comes Freedom!


The following Open Gym Rules and Policies are for the safety of our athletes and will be enforced. Anyone not complying with them will forfeit the privilege in participating in Open Gym. Thank you for your cooperation.   

1.    Participants may not enter workout area until Open Gym time has begun, and need to leave the workout area at the designated ending time of Open Gym.  
2.    Follow all Gym safety rules.

  • Work on skills you have been taught or are within your means.

  • Avoid areas where classes are being conducted.

  • Ask a coach before altering courses or moving mats.

  • When on a trampoline wear grip socks and only one person may be on at a time. 

  • Do not go under the trampolines.

  • Make sure your landing zone is safe (1 person per landing zone)

  • Acquire consent before wrestling, sword fighting, or any other game being played

  • If someone says no, stop or an equivalent halt what your doing immediately

  • If you have any other questions, concerns, or thoughts please bring it up to front desk staff

3.    No hiding under or around equipment or mats, is permitted at any time.  
4.    No food, drink, or gum is permitted in any portion of the workout area. 
5.    All participants must be in proper gymnastics attire. For safety reasons, please note: ​

  • No jeans or clothing with zippers, buckles, buttons, snaps, etc 

  • No outer wear (jackets, hoodies, sweaters, etc.)

  • Socks or gymnastics footwear MUST be worn on double mini-trampoline or trampoline

  • No street shoes on mats, carpets or equipment 

  • No jewelry

  • REMINDER:  Socks or trampoline shoes REQUIRED for double mini-trampoline  

8.   Use chalk for training purposes only.

9. Work on keeping all activities and games inclusive (ie: sharing equipment)

Thank you for your cooperation.  We hope you enjoy your Open Gym workout! 

Come join us for hours of fun!

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