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News and Upcoming Events

New at the Gym!

Closing our doors to our beloved families was hard. We are ecstatic to having all our families back in the gym. Re-opening after COVID-19 closure has some perks. We have demolished the old office and made a circus space that is specifically designed for children. This additional space has a trampoline, swings, rings, bars, and other play areas. The kids from camp are raving about how fun it is!

Our dedicated artistic team worked out via Zoom for the entirety of the quarantine. We want to give a great shout out and praise to their hard work. We learned some non-traditional moves because of space constraints but we grew together. We all learned our chin stand, improved our head and handstand practice, and bonded while being physically separate from some of our most favorite people. 

Sam and Mandie are teaching all the classes and camps. If you wanted to get some time with us, now is the time. We have a few other staff members helping us out however this is your chance to get that one on one time with us like never before. 


What's New at SB Gym Club Online!

We have a new waiver. Please fill out our new online waiver even if you had an old one. We are changing the gym to go paperless. Please help us save the earth and save space for more play areas being available in the gym.

Online and Private Lessons have been a big hit and are still continuing. We use Zoom for our online training. For smaller kids, we created stories based on adventures that had them follow along with workout moves. Older kiddos we had them continue their training with modified moves depending on their space. For adults, personal training for weight loss, building muscle, or skill development is a great way to meet your goals and we have the expertise to get you there. If you would like to sign up please email us. 


New waiver can be found under Registration/ Gym Waiver

Check out our New Class Schedule


Change is hard however we are looking on the bright side. Our community of families wanted earlier classes and we are making that happen. The team practice time has changed to an earlier time, 4-6 PM, Monday- Friday. 

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