Life outside of the Gym

We only really see our students for such a short amount of time throughout the week and we want to get to know a little bit more about their lives outside of the gym. Whether it's a different activity they do, what's going on at home or what they're learning at school! Since we have multiple groups, each one will be having a " " of the month that will include a picture of either them or something that tells more about them. 




Aerialist of the month: Yasmin Dias Lopes

Yasmin first joined us in February 2020 and has been in Aerial since April 2020. She is super flexible and displays such beautiful shapes and skills on each of the apparatuses. Her favorite color is blue and favorite food is sushi. Other hobbies she partakes in is doing art and singing. Her favorite song is Killer Queen, favorite movie is Kill Bill and favorite T.V. show is Stranger Things. 



Artistic Gymnast of the month: Emily Kippin

Emily joined the Artistic Team in fall of 2020 after previously attending summer camp and enjoying it. Throughout this past year and a half not only has she improved in her skills on each of the events but she's also grown mentally and emotionally which we've loved to see. Her favorite color is teal, and her favorite pizza is from Blaze! Some other hobbies she enjoys is playing with Legos, basketball, and making bracelets. She also enjoys the theater department and acting. Her life at home is a bit crazy as you can see in the picture above, she has 3 dogs (Tyson, Belit and Alana). After busy days, her family likes to watch either Family Feud or a movie or play basketball. At school, she recently earned her Master's Degree at Hope University studying about MLK and his role in the Civil Rights Movement. 








Free-runner of the Month: Gideon Marshman

Gideon just joined us this past fall in October and has amazing tricks as a free-runner. Each time he comes into class he always gives it his all and has a great friendship with the other boys in his classes. His favorite food is sushi especially from the restaurant Arigato and also loves juice. Some of his favorite hobbies includes surfing and doing spray paint graffiti art. At home he likes to sleep in, watch YouTube and play basketball. Currently in school he is learning more in Math and History.





Gymnast of the month: Georgia Raring

Georgia started with us at the end of this past August and has been a great athlete to get to work with and watch grow each week. She just turned 9 and is in 3rd grade at Adams. Some other hobbies she enjoys includes soccer and the trapeze. She also likes spending time with animals and doing arts and crafts. Her favorite color is Aqua and her favorite thing to eat is Greek salad. Her favorite movie is Sing 2 and favorite song is Shotgun.


Ninja of the month: Bear Kramp

Bear joined our gym last March and since then has always come in the gym ready to learn and participate in class. He also gives the best bear hugs ;). Besides ninja classes, other ways he stays active is by traveling, hiking, biking, skiing, training Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and going to the trampoline park. Bear also enjoys going to The Moxi museum, riding his hover board, hot tubbing, and watching movies with his family. One of Bear’s greatest interests is art and can frequently be found drawing, painting or engaging in other types of art like listening to music. Bear will eat all types of food, his favorites are lobster and cheesecake. In school, Bear has become a very advanced reader for his age this year. He is also strong in math but likes STEM, art, garden and PE the best.
Outside of school, he likes learning about space and loves ninja class. Last but not least, his current favorite color is blue!

Pre-Team Gymnast of the month: Gwyneth Thomas

Gwyneth has been in our gym since 2018 but just joined our Pre-Team team at the end of October of this past year. She's very hardworking every time she's in our gym whether if it's in class or when she comes for Open Gym. She just got her back handspring, and it's something she's really been working towards since she joined. When she's not doing gymnastics, she's still always moving her body whether if it's on her trampoline, dancing, or playing soccer on the weekends in tournaments with her All Stars team. Some of Gwyneth's favorites are the movie Full Out 2, the color turquoise, the song "Love Song" by Sarah Bareilles, and the book series Harry Potter and The Keep of Lost Cities. Her favorite food are burgers and her favorite drink is Sprite. Her favorite place is Hawaii (pictured above).

Coach of the month: Izzy 

Coach Izzy started gymnastics when she was 4 due to her parents signing her up but she ended up loving it ever since then. Her favorite event to teach is Beam and her proudest moment as an athlete was getting her round off back handspring when she was younger. Her advice for our students is to always put in your 100% even when you're just practicing! Performance is based on practice. What keeps her going is being proud of her skills and being able to "show off". Something she regrets doing is quitting because at the time she got bored. Instead she wishes she would've never quit because then she would've had many more skills. Her strongest asset that she brings to our gym is her compassion and patience!