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Our Facility

Santa Barbara Gymnastics Club is located in a high-ceilinged, wide-open 10,000 square foot building, specially designed to house equipment for our varied programs.  Our gymnastics equipment includes uneven bars, single rails, a spring floor, many balance beams (both high and low, for training purposes), and vault. Our trampoline program equipment includes the highest caliber competitive trampolines, a double mini-trampoline, a rod tumbling floor, and a 40-foot-long tumble track.  In addition, we have specialized equipment designed specifically for pre-school age gymnasts - lower to the ground and with smaller proportions for easier use by smaller bodies.  To promote safety, there are mats galore!

Entrance of Building
Overview of whole building
Mini Bar Area
Circus Area
Tumble Trak
Aerial/Rope equiptment
Bar Area
Double Mini
Beam Area
Parkour/Ninja Mat Area
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