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What have we been working on this month?

Aerial: These are the skills that each group have been working on either the silk or hammock:

Beginner: Scorpion

Intermediate: Star Drop

Advanced: Double Star Drop 

Artistic Gymnastics: Being on a team means much more than just winning medals together at a competition. It also means being able to be there for one another through the mental, emotional and physical changes that each one is going through. Through this past month of holidays, the girls have been working on just that, being there for one another and supporting each other throughout their progressions on each of the events. 

Gymnastics: In this new year, many of the gymnast's goals is to land either a front or back handspring. With this they have been working on bridges left and right. Holding them, walking in them, raising one body part at a time in the air all while still in it. Some have this down and are working on kicking over, back walkovers or cleaning up their form.

Ninja:  Ninjas has continued to work on learning how to do front flips as well as dive rolls for the newcomers. The majority of our students enjoy working them on Tumbl Trak as they use the runway to run and gain power then do the skill onto our 8 inch mat at the end. What our coaches like to do to challenge them is adding either a blocks/mats or a hula hoop before they land on the mat so that it becomes an obstacle that they have to overcome during the process. 

Parent and Me: Forward rolls, even for the babies, has become easy to do. They instead have moved on to working on forward rolls from an elevated mat then rolling down to a lower surface. This has them working different muscles and learning how to apply pressure to their hands to keep their head off the ground. 

Parkour: The parkour runners have all been working on their flips! Whether it's a back, front or side flip, they start out on trampoline, tumbl trak, and high blocks with mats at the bottom and are doing drills to progress them further. Then eventually they work their way to getting them on the floor. 

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