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Adult Programs

Adult Open Gym Hours

+Monday-Friday 12-3 PM (This differs when we hold kids camps. Camps are held on any day that SB Unified School District is not in session. See our camp schedule on iclass. Adult open gym hours on camp days is 2-3PM)

+ Tuesday 7-9 PM

+ Thursday 7-9 PM

Adult athletes have access to gymnastics equipment (vault, bars, beam, floor), rock wall (bouldering), aerial apparatus (silks, silk hammock, lyra), tumble track, rod floor, double mini, euro trampoline and more.


Adult Parkour

Adult Parkour classes are every Tuesday, 7:15-8:15PM. 

Parkour / Freerunning / Art du Deplacement is the physical discipline of training to move freely over and through any terrain using only the abilities of the body, principally through running, jumping, climbing and quadrupedal movement. In practice it focuses on developing the fundamental attributes required for such movement, which include functional strength and fitness, balance, spatial awareness, agility, coordination, precision, control and creative vision.

It is a sport that encourages self-improvement on all levels, revealing one’s physical and mental limits while simultaneously offering ways to overcome them. It is a method of training one’s body and mind in order to be as completely functional, effective and liberated as possible in any environment.

The sport aims to build confidence, determination, self-discipline and self-reliance, and responsibility for one’s actions. It encourages humility, respect for others and for one’s environment, self-expression, community spirit, and the importance of play, discovery and safety at all times.

Students will become part of a community that supports them, teaches valuable life skills and is global. Avenues for competitions, physical fitness, teaching and performance are available. Students in this program are also taught foundations from free-running, tricking, calisthenics, breaking and gymnastics. There is no size, skill or experience level requirement.  Just come to have fun and become more fit!

**All class schedules are available on our portal**


Rockwall Rules

  1. Check in before entering the gym 

  2. Please store your non-climbing shoes in the cubbies outside. Climbing shoes and chalk bags are permitted in the climbing area.

  3. Please practice good hygiene! Come with clean clothes and please do not be dripping with nature (Sand, dirt, leaves, etc)

  4. When going to and from the climbing wall, please use the hallway on the side of the gym and do not walk through the middle of the gym.

  5. Keep yourself safe at all times while climbing.

  6.  Please do not touch others who are on the wall. Please give plenty of space between people on the wall and yourself.

  7. Listen to Lifeguards and staff at all times.

Our Facility

Features of our location:

  • 30 foot high

  • 10,000 square foot building

  • Outdoor patio

Gymnastics equipment: uneven bars, single rails, a spring floor, many balance beams (both high and low), and vault.

Our trampoline program equipment includes: competitive trampolines, a double mini, rod tumbling floor, and a 40-foot-long tumble track.

We also have Parkour and Wrestling mats.

Aerial apparatuses, that includes silk, hammock, trapeze, and lyra.


We have pre-school size equipment for our little ones. 

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