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Birthday Parties

Thank you for considering the Santa Barbara Gymnastics club for hosting your child's birthday party. We realize that this is a very special occasion for you and your child. Our staff will do everything possible to make it a memorable one.

Please send us an email to reserve your Birthday Party and we will be in touch about the booking and details. Thanks again for choosing us for your birthday destination.

We look forward to celebrating with you!

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Birthday Party Info:


  • Customize: your party and make it the dream experience you wish! Here are some guidelines based on successful parties we have done before.

  • Length of Party: Most parties are 90 minutes long. Play time usually is one hour. The cake cutting and eating usually take 30 minutes. You may extend your party time in half-hour increments for an additional fee.

  • Party Participants: All party guests need to fill out a current liability waiver prior to arriving at the gym. If your guests are current members have them sign-in to their accounts, in case any updates have been made. If they are new, well welcome and here is the link to sign-on to our waiver:

  • Arrival:  You may arrive 15 minutes prior to the party to set up.  

  • Ages of Participants:  We ask that all party participants be within one year of age of the party child (for example, if the party child will be turning 7, participants should be between the ages of 6 and 8). We are happy to accommodate more diverse ages, but additional staffing may be required for an additional fee, depending upon how many guests are out-of-age, and what the age groups are. We regret that we cannot accommodate children who are too young to stay with a group (the usual minimum age is 3-4). 

  • Attire:  Wear comfy workout clothes as we will be moving! These may hurt the children or equipment- jeans, zippers, snaps, buttons, buckles, or loose ties. Long hair may get in thee children's face and is encouraged to be tied up. For athlete safety, please do not wear jewelry. 

  • Clean-Up:  Our staff will be responsible for clean-up at the conclusion of your party.

  • Rescheduling:  If you need to reschedule your party, we will do our best to accommodate you.  All rescheduled parties must take place within 30 days of the original date.  If there are fewer than 15 days until your original party date when you need to reschedule it, your party is  subject to a rescheduling fee. 

  • Refreshments:  You supply refreshments, paper goods and utensils. No food or drinks are allowed on the gym floor. After the eating commences the play time ends for the whole group. This helps with safety of the kids and cleanliness of our equipment.

  • Child-Friendly Environment:  We strive to provide a child-friendly environment: accordingly, we do not allow smoking or any type, vaping, alcohol, drugs, or inappropriate language or conversation.


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