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About SBGC

Santa Barbara Gymnastics Club, SB GYM CLUB, opened in 1975, where children learned in a backyard. Seasons have changed, now Sam Sarmiento and Mandie Engel are carrying a legacy forward with their own twist. Our mission is to create physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy citizens. We foster an atmosphere of respect, work ethic, and challenge beliefs in what is possible.  

SBGC Staff


Who We Hire? We look for staff who have a background in the sport they teach, a person we believe would positively influence children, and uphold our values of respect and perseverance. 


All of our team coaches are USA Gymnastics professional members, which requires safety certification, a background check, and continuing education. 


Our staff also receives ongoing training in the gym for safety, teaching techniques of physical movements, social, and emotional development.


We want to provide your child with the safest possible training so they can enjoy their bodies for the entirety of their lives while balancing having fun. 

Apply to be a Coach, Front Desk Staff or Manager

Coach or Front Desk Staff


Our Facility

Features of our location:

  • 30 foot high

  • 10,000 square foot building

  • Outdoor patio

Gymnastics equipment: uneven bars, single rails, a spring floor, many balance beams (both high and low), and vault.

Our trampoline program equipment includes: competitive trampolines, a double mini, rod tumbling floor, and a 40-foot-long tumble track.

We also have Parkour and Wrestling mats.

Aerial apparatuses, that includes silk, hammock, trapeze, and lyra.


We have pre-school size equipment for our little ones. 

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